Hidenori Kuge

Since 1984 Hidenori Kuge has specialised in the design of lighting. He began his career at the renowned Shoici Uchiyama Design Office and in 1997 established his own design firm, Kuge Design Office. From here, he designs and develops unique lighting solutions for a number of manufacturers in Japan and the rest of the world. What distinguishes Hidenori Kuge as a remarkable designer is his uncompromising ability to focus the development of his designs so that illumination itself always takes first priority, and light comes to its full expression.


Optimal functionality and unconventional design are the fundamental features in Hidenori Kuge's lamps for Lightyears. Both of these trademarks are expressed in the lamps' simple design language, his fastidious choice of materials and logical construction.

Design by Hidenori Kuge
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    Takeru W


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