Jørn Utzon

It is a matter of opening yourself to the essence of things, rather than struggling for form and style. Thus sounds the primal theme of Denmark's probably most famous architect of all time: Jørn Utzon. His career culminated in 1957 when he won the international architectural competition for the Sydney Opera House. It is a thoroughly ingenious work that justifiably made him an icon of 20th Century architecture.


In developing his designs for Lightyears, Jørn Utzon has worked to ensure that light constantly promotes the atmosphere of a room, whether it is used for cosy togetherness, for a particular function or for sheer inspiration. The designs of his first lamp for Lightyears draw a golden thread from the Sydney Opera House. It completes the picture of Jørn Utzon as a lamp designer and architect of highest international stature.

Design by Jørn Utzon
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