Mads Odgaard

Mads Odgaard is a designer who seeks the universal. And according to him the way to the universal goes via simplification. When we simplify, we move towards the functional nucleus of the product where all cultural and taste-related layers are peeled away - or at least reduced to a minimum. Thus cleansed of all superfluity, the product appears pure, simple and logical. But accommodating nevertheless, because the functional identity of the product reveals itself to you, no matter who you are. This means, in all simplicity, that a lamp designed by Mads Odgaard makes itself crystal clear for what it is: A lamp - an instrument for spreading light. Quite simple.

Design by Mads Odgaard
  • LED,Outdoor,light,fixtures,lighting,lights,Diamond,MadsOdgaard,Lightyears  Diamond W
    Diamond W


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