Calabash Silver

Calabash Red pendant

Calabash is real craftmanship from interior to exterior. The organic form and the special chrome lacquered and iridescent surface gives the Calabash pendant a unique expression.The Calabash pendant creates atmosphere and it presents itself beautifully in clusters.

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  • Pendants,contemporary,design,light,Calabsh,red,Komplot,Design,Lightyears Calabash P1 Red
    Calabash P1 Red
  • Pendant,lamps,design,interior,design,Red,Calabash,Komplot,Design,Lightyears Calabash P2 Red
    Calabash P2 Red
  • Pendant,lamps,danish,design,interior,design,Red,Calabash,Komplot,Design,Lightyears Calabash P3 Red
    Calabash P3 Red


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